Welcome home to Malmö Borgarskola

Graduates throughout the world are proud to call themselves alumnus of Malmö Borgarskola. For most of the students, the years that they spent studying at Malmö Borgarskola are among the happiest times of their lives. New friendships that stand the test of time, life changing experiences, lectures, final exam and nights on the town!  Graduation is a particularly special occasion, as it is the goal every student works towards; however it is not the end of the experience. The alumni network is designed to connect alumni to one another and you are a part of this global network.

Malmö Borgarskola students’ knowledge, achievements and expertise have been recognized in fields as diverse as politics, medicine, finance, the arts and engineering. We want to hear your success stories and are here to help you keep in touch with fellow alumni and to keep you informed about what's happening here at Malmö Borgarskola. You will be able to communicate with graduates from around the world, receive updates directly from the school and your alumni friends in various ways such as newsletters and reunions


We aim to keep in regular contact with all of our alumni through a dedicated programme of reunions, events, and correspondence, meetings and through our alumni site.  We want to know what you are doing and hear your thoughts.

What's in it for you?

As an graduate you are part of an elite global community of successful individuals. Your participation can open doors and help students of tomorrow to reach their goal and also support the progress in your career.  We can help you to maintain the close friendships that you made while at Malmö Borgarskola as well as forge new relationships.

IB Twentieth Anniversary Party - 2014

We're hosting the Greatest Reunion Party ever and we hope many previous IB students join us at Skeppsbron/Börshuset, August 23rd. More information will follow at this Alumni website. Please login and invite and your alumni friends. 


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